Bebot is a platformer game of skill and logical puzzles. It is a commissioned work project for the Gebrüder Reinfurt GmbH & Co. KG, a special ball bearing producing company.


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Beneath you will find a gallery with images from the production, a short summary, a trailer and a game mechanics dummy trailer.

Some Big Bonsai Designer with Gronkh at Quo Vadis, Berlin, 2014

General view


Bebot was developed by Big Bonsai Games, the brandname of a student team at the macromedia University for applied science. The estimated time-frame was four months.


It was developed in Unity and was released as a Web application. In addition a PC and a Mac Version were build. For fairs, a special version was built to fulfill special customer needs.


A trailer and 3D-Model-renderings were delivered as marketing material.


On this project I worked on multiple positions. The best way to sum all duties up translates into being the producer and director of the project. While coordinating the team, structuring and communicating task, it was likewise my job to be the contact for the client and their needs.

 Naturally I was also working and supporting in different departments to achieve our goal. Predominantly I worked on the game mechanic, the setting and the story with one fellow studen. Another big part of my time went into the 2D-Department. Here I worked on the Ice-Soil-Tiles as an examples and spritsheet template, the Tutorial-Screens in game, preparing a functional Style-Guide and character animation. After a big setback, in consequence of loosing / getting rid of our programmers, me, a fellow student and a new programmer reworked and rebuild the entire product. After achieving a stable running version, we did the product testing, fixed many bugs and adjust the game to succeed in creating the best user experience possible.

Lastly I designed the Big Bonsai Games Logo and corporate-design guidelines. Additionally I managed to get the clients quotations, marketing material into the game. Marketing material for print and screen usage was delivered to the client.



  • It's a game about a tiny robot, saving the world by using his powers provided by GRW GmbH & CO. KG.
  • concept & story
  • producer & art director
  • graphic artist & designer

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