AmbiGate GmbH

AmbiGate is a StartUp working in the field of digital healthcare. The core competence are motion tracking applikations for the medical- and therapeutic use. AmbiGate is developing  solutions for hometherapy and nursing.


The healthcare sector trending market. The hometherapy system "e-Reha" is a gamified physiotherapy applikation which can be used to help with chronic coditions or in a preemptive way. The main goal is to keep patient motivated during their recovery and offers physiotherapists new insides to their patient progress.

General view


During my internship I worked for AmbiGate as a Junior Game Design Consultant and Communication Designer. Therefore, I had two mayor fields to work in.


One scope was the software development area. Me and my colleague, Sebastian Frenzel, wrote a design document for a test environment, where single modules could be tested. After defining the test chamber, we worked on the (game) design document for the "e-Reha"-system and laid the foundation stone for the further development. Besides the design document, we established a SCRUM-similiar product development methodology for the project. Additionally we prepared pitching documents and were part of the pitching team for the "Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg". Something else, we worked on, was the consulting for clients who had also products in the healthcare sector and needed advice to implement a digital interface to their products.


My second field of work was the coporate design. Together as a team we looked for a name for the company and later I designed the logo as per specification. On the basis of the logo I designed and created the templates for presentations and business letters. I  prepared the print data for the business cards and wrote the corporate design guidelines.


  • worked as Junior Game Design Consultat and Communication Designer
  • wrote the (game) design document for a software product with unique controls and requirements
  • established a SCRUM-similiar product development methodology
  • designed the corporate design guidelines and produced the templates and printing data

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